Today due to modernization industrialization and increased number of automobiles, there are ever increasing incidences of trauma. Also, due to mechanization and sedentary lifestyles, common musculo skeletal problems like backache, stiff shoulders and neck, osteoarthritic knee, etc. develop which become a source of discomfort leading to loss of productive hours and decrease efficiency. Similarly, fast paced lifestyle has also resulted in psychosomatic ailmetns.

Physiotherapy is a health profession concerned with maximizing mobility and quality of life by using clinical reasoning to select and apply the appropriate treatment. Physiotherapy with non-pharmacological and exercise oriented approach, plays an important role to rehabilitate these individuals. The treatment involves use of modern electrical equipments and fitness machines, etc. which help in relieving pain and insuring fitness.

It helps to prevent disease prone risk factors like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc. It also has important role in sports medicine to prepare athletes and sportsmen to achieve maximum physical efficiency with safety. Hence, Physiotherapy has ample scope due to its application in various areas of treatment of many diseases, rehabilitation and exercise. It is rapidly gaining popularity due to its effective results without feat of side effects of oral medicines.